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            院長寄語 Message from the Dean



            The College of International Education always complies with the highest education quality standards and requirements: it uses “reciprocal exchange programs”, “foreign language + subjects” and other development models; keeps improving its external service capabilities; actively seeks transformation and encourages continuous innovation in order to achieve outstanding results. As the classical saying reveals, “the individual’s success depends on their established goal and a higher goal often leads to an intermediate result or better”. We consider academic, practical and personal development to be of equal importance in our educational practices. We guide and facilitate the well-being of students; including, positive interests, harmonious relationships, strong self-confidence, trustworthiness and responsibility. As it is our belief that every student is unique, we will nurture their potential, inspire their interests in learning and enlighten their minds while creating a future where they seize their opportunities and lift their hopes and dreams.

            Welcome to the College of International Education!




            Since its establishment, the College of International Education (CIE) has made considerable progress with its programs by introducing diverse and state-of-the-art foreign educational resources and adhering to a rigorous and pragmatic educational style. CIE international education’s collaborations are in accordance with the needs of China higher education development and the requirements for talent cultivation. The institution and its partners exchange teachers, authorize credit transfers and share all available educational resources. CIE thoroughly implements and abides by the basic principles as established by the College Party Committee; these principles include, “develop complementary advantages and strong alliances, promote effective practices, and facilitate quality-oriented, win-win results”, which in turn continually transform and endow the college with the leading Chinese and international characteristics.

            The CIE has produced a number of talented students for our country: there are nearly 100 students who have been studying successfully abroad in undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the University of Wollongong in Australia, Thompson Rivers University in Canada and INTI International University in Malaysia. We are currently establishing partnerships with TAFE Queensland as well as universities in the United Kingdom and Ecuador. The international nature of the college’s programs enhance the overall employability and competitiveness of graduates in the employment market, especially their proficiency in English and their in-depth understanding of Chinese and Western culture. Students graduate with skills that are highly sought after by organizations that deal with international interests, and many students are hired before they graduate. CIE has formed extensive collaboration agreements with our partner universities involving teacher development exchanges and student overseas co-op programs to insure our students develop their potential for international employment.

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